Free Test September 2019 fraud, or dream women

Free Test September 2019 fraud, or dream womenFree Test September 2019 fraud, or dream womenFree Test September 2019 fraud, or dream women

PrivetVIP in the Test of September 2019.

Good structure, ease of use, Many attractive women logged a Lot of initiative on the part of men necessary search function is not very precise Weak Translation into German, Unfortunately, no App for IOS or Android.

Registration Process: 3,5 /5 Contact: 3,5 /5 Profile Information: 3,5 /5 App: Practice Test: 3,5 /5.

Our Test Report.

PrivetVIP is one of the Dating services East-West. Here men from Europe can find women from Russia, Ukraine and the surrounding area. The origins of the site in France, so many French men are logged in.

For some years now, it is Free now also in Germany and German men are the ladies from Ukraine and the surrounding area is very sought after. The chances of making contacts are good, if you’re ready to of time and effort to invest.

PrivetVIP, the value is placed on self-initiative. Anyone who needs to log on here, be ready to seek out appropriate partners and to make contact. There are no proposals and there is no psychological test procedures for the determination of suitable partners .

Anyone who is registered here?

You will receive a personal profile which you can fill out a Few fake profiles by the profile control is Not moderated Profiles of women are real a Lot of women will be Sought, primarily after a partnership speak English and partly in German, About 30 percent of the Profiles are verified.

Age Group 20 – 30 Years = 40 Percentage Of Age Group 31 – 40 Years = 30 Percent Of The Age Group 41 + Years = 30 Percent.

PrivetVIP there are members in each age class, the young users between 20 and 30 years dominate easily. Men dominate with a share of 60 percent. But this is to say that there are virtually no fake profiles, since new registrations are manually verified. Should be discovered to be a Fake, you can always message and the Support checks directly.

There are PrivetVIP not moderated Profiles and, therefore, no artificial conversations. You meet someone, it’s up to you whether or not the contact is maintained. Most of the women speak English, sometimes also German and other foreign languages. Russian almost all the female members of the mother language.

The registration process.

Registration takes less than two minutes the images are from the Support Account checked verification for more security photo gallery can have a maximum of six images contain a Few options to customize the profile .

The registration PrivetVIP will not take longer than two minutes, You register with Your E-mail address and have to confirm only. The profiling itself takes a lot of time, since there are relatively minor items of equipment. Most of the information You can click a mouse, by selecting, for example, Your interests .

In addition, you have the possibility to upload up to six profile pictures in Your gallery, but from the Support rejected .

If You verify Your Account, You will need to either proof of Your identity (identity card copy, driver’s license, etc.) or a photo with Your first names and Logo Free, on the You’re about to see, upload. Your profile then gets a note.

PrivetVIP there is no personality test, You have to self-potential partners search, which can fit to You. Also, You will not receive any matching suggestions, the search function shows You all the members that You have Your information fit.


Unlimited contact by Flash-transit messages only from Premium members read Disruptive users can be blocked Interesting users to favourites added to be Friendly contact requests are almost always answered Flash shipping, send messages.

Free Test September 2019 fraud, or dream women

PrivetVIP explained in the section “practical information” about the mentality of Eastern European women. There, the women from Russia, Ukraine and the surrounding area are more reserved and expect the man to make the first move. This suggests that the women with PrivetVIP rarely the first step. However, we received within 24 hours of unsolicited Mail from women whose profile we had visited only .

When a message is sent to a woman, You get usually a quick answer. Of course, it is also PrivetVIP on how You write Your message. A simple “Hi-Mails” are not welcome here and will be gladly ignored.

Messages You can send, regardless of what member status You have. However, Your messages can be read only if You’re a Premium member. Also You can’t access Your messages, if You’re only as a base member of the System on-the-go .

With a Flash You a woman can signal that You are not perceived and may interest you. Flashes are free and can be sent in unlimited quantities. As soon as You send a Flash, is informed To and has the opportunity to view Your profile and possibly contact You .

Interesting members You can find via the search function. However, you have only a limited containment options. For one, You can search for a specific age range, and on the other You can the country, the size, weight and first name may be set. For more search criteria, there is not and so You face a variety of suitable women .

Profile information.

Profiles seem a little boring a lot of photos of women available information is quite sparse, free texts, almost exclusively in the Russian language Premium posted-members can boost their profile, The Profiles are moderately detailed profile pictures are free to all users, visible.

The Profiles of the other users, at first glance, unfortunately, a bit boring. There are hardly any possibilities for individual design. Most of the women use the gallery feature and upload up to six images is high, resulting in a good look at the Opposite .

The information, however, are rather sparse. We have only found a few Profiles in which real all information (interests, tastes, etc.) were specified. The women rely more on pictures and texts, which are written in Russian or French .

Well, it is that You can see on each profile, when the member was last online. So You’re taking the risk of a record body to contact and to wait in vain for answer. Also, You can on the majority of the profiles on the basis of different flag icons to instantly see which language speaks Your Opposite. There are many women who have at least basic knowledge in English and better English skills .

As a Premium member You have the advantage that Your profile in the search early. Base members, by contrast, appear only to Premium members and are visited less frequently.

Unfortunately, PrivetVIP offers no App, but a mobile Version. On your smartphone browser, You can access the page and You log in as usual and use all of its features.

Practice test.

PrivetVIP is aimed at men interested in Eastern European women. It is told in the practical information a little more about the character of these women. According to the Portal, it is very attractive, sometimes provocative, but very feminine and loving ladies. We can confirm in the Test part, many of the women’s profiles are overly attractive.

After we had made ourselves with the handling of the page are familiar, we came across the Testimonials. There tell logged-in users, what experience have you had with PrivetVIP. It is believed the images and stories, there are very many beautiful success stories on the Website.

It is not at all to find an adventure, the women are almost, without exception, solid partnerships, and often a move to the country of the partner interested. German men seem to be highly sought after, because we received some messages and our profile has been occasionally visited.

The linguistic barriers are a little getting used to, but it is good that You see on the profile immediately, what language do you speak to a woman. As a Premium member, messages will not be translated also, but this is not always recommended. The translation function is not yet Mature and provides a laugh or two. Overall, the communication works well.

Design, functionality and usability.

The Design of PrivetVIP is not outstanding, but rather expedient. The color design is a little bland, the functionality very well. You will find in the main menu, quickly, all the important functions can be reached from the home page .

A positive aspect is that You can leave the content of the portal in Your desired language to translate. Currently, the following languages: Russian, English, German and French are available. The Translation itself is rather bumpy, there are some curious neologisms, to understand the content but still.

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