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Kwick in the Test of September 2019.

Founded in 1999, Community KWICK is one of the few communities that have managed, in spite of free usability, a membership base of more than a Million people. Kwick has a large database of friendly and sociable users, but also about the Kwick Forum in which the members (also lovingly Kwickies called) about God and the world entertained.

Networks such as Kwick serve, however, not primarily to find a relationship, but rather the search for contacts with persons from their own Region. Find friends, chat, flirt, this is the motto under which the membership Kwick .

Registration process and profile creation.

fast registration with Facebook sign in five minutes to do the job versatile profile design options for continuous updates possible creativity in the profiling necessary.

Sign in to Kwick is done quickly. If you do it with a click want to connect you to your Facebook Account and you’re immediately in the process. The Alternative is a registration with E-mail address, here you need a few personal data. E-mail address, place of residence, birthday, Nickname and password will be requested before you to the Kwickies can.Your E-mail address you have to confirm also. We have made the experience, that the confirmation mail in the Spam landed in the folder, therefore, you should take a look.

After Logging in, you will get as a newbie from Kwick first, a few suggestions, what are the steps you should follow now. It is recommended, among other things, the link to your Facebook profile. Kwick will not post any information on Facebook, we see the Benefit of the link. Next, you the photo recommended upload, followed by the completion of your profile and creating your first blog post. In addition, you will put an idea in the Forum to heart, quite a lot for a completely new user.

The most important should be done first, the profile position! Here, you have various options, a bit of creativity is in Kwick is quite of Use. The first thing profile visitors see from you, is the plug-in letter. Here you betray your name, your age, your location and what you’re looking for. If you fill out everything you need to remains up to you, individual points, you can also only for friends.

In the Info section for other users to know more about your private life. You can, among other things, the details as to your marital status, children, nationality and your education. In addition, Hobbies and preferences in the areas of dream vacation, favorite music, movies, favorite food to be queried, etc. .

The hardest part of your profile in the section “my page”, because here your creativity is required. You’re standing in front of a completely blank page, with images, texts and graphics can feed. You decide yourself, how you present yourself and your page, your creativity are almost limitless. The section of my page is visited by most of the profile visitors, because here there are often exciting information about To discover.

The area of the photo is a large photo album, in which you can make an unlimited number of images can upload. You can create different albums, in you the photos list, or you throw all the images in a large folder. Albums you can with all profile visitors to share or just individual groups of people, such as your friends, access .

Your Blog is like your virtual diary, here you can tell how your day was, what you have experienced or simply a Statement to a topic submit. If your Blog complies with the terms and conditions and in particular the protection of minors, are set to your variety of topics with no boundaries. Readers can become your Fans on a regular basis about new content in your Blog information.

5 tips for a better profile.

Tip 1: The Name is program! When you sign in to Kwick, you need a name that represents you. Even if nick names such as “Geilerboy” sound on the first view funny, did you in the long term, rather with no success. Choose, therefore, for a name that would not only arrive at to your friends, but also strangers.

Tip 2: Your page as a business card! Who you are, what you have and what you need to know of other people about you? Your page is the perfect place where you and other profile visitors can imagine. Tell me about yourself, create your page, get a Image of your Person and collection points for curious profile visitors.

Tip 3: More than a photo! A profile photo is mandatory, but you’d like it to be a little bit more. Of course, everyone is trying to present on his profile photo, the chocolate pages, but how it looks with everyday images? In your photo album on Kwick you can present yourself in everyday life, and your profile visitors, who is hiding behind your Nick .

Tip 4: share you other with! A Blog is not only for beauty freaks or politicians? Far from it, anyone can have a Blog, even you! At Kwick you can generate with a Blog, even Fans, to read people the desire to have what you write. How often do you have your Blog, you will have to feed it entirely up to.

Tip 5: An honest profile image find! You have a small stain? Your nose is not perfect, or are your ears too big? It doesn’t matter, an honest profile picture is still worth a lot more than a picture was changed with Photoshop. Only if you’re you to show how you meet you give other people the way you .

Contact options.

Contact via the Forum can send Messages direct mail to offline members to deliver messages via the App guestbook entries to read at any time possible.

Kwick lives as a Community that the members run a lively exchange with each other. You have various options, such as you get in touch with others can. Your search function you will find on the home page, a simple bar where you can choose what to bring in your search results .

If you’re on a stranger’s profile, you have several contact options. The other Person is online, you can direct message send, which will be delivered immediately. There is a chat window opens and you can start a direct dialogue with each other .

Even if your opponent is offline, you can start a conversation, you leave a Mail behind. This is the other Person, as soon as you log in the next Time. The receiving Person has installed the Kwick App, it will be immediately notified about your message and you can read on the phone .

To leave another Person a nice greeting to go without the step of the first message, you can leave a guestbook entry. Note that each of these entries can be read by all profile visitors. Private information should not be shared via the guestbook .

A large Playground of the communication, Kwick, Forum, here, there is vivid exchange on various topics. In particular, if you’re no longer a Person communicate, and that your opinions are similar, this is a base to get to know. The advantage of an existing communication via the Forum is that you are called to you in your first message on your local exchange can.

You also interesting, members can be found by using the partner’s proposals:

Members of the structure.

The age focus of between 20 and 30 a few Teenagers present in the System proportion of men and women almost lively activity balanced throughout the day, quick reply to messages.

The members activity in Kwick is high, often there are long-established users, who are already since the founding of the Kwick, or in the first few years were added. Otherwise, as in many other tribal communities, will be receiving new members at the Kwick, however friendly, and have a real opportunity to become a member of the Community .

The focus lies between 20 and 30 years, wherein the female members are on average somewhat younger. Not to the proportion of teenagers will appreciate, however, as the application is as a Kwickie from 12 years. The protection of the youth is therefore an important part of the Community, erotic photos or the corresponding hints in the profile have no Chance and can lead very quickly to a blocking .

The proportion of men and women is almost balanced, with 44 percent of the women are just slightly outnumbered. In the case of the use of the Kwick this is not noticeable, however, in the Kwick us were displayed in the Test members, even if we have been looking in smaller regions. Thanks to Kwick-Go, the App from Kwick, the contact structure easily possible, so that most of the members are actually active and there are a few “dead” .

In the Forum it is quickly obvious that the activity at Kwick round-the-clock is quite high. For Primetime, between 20 and 22 o’clock, there is the most, but also in the afternoon hours is a lot of chatting and written. Sent messages are pretty easily answered, if they consist of more than just three words. Not good is it, if you friends requests to people to send, you don’t know at all. Here is no response or a rejection is usually followed by .

Design, functionality and usability.

Design something in the years of use I had a confusing high availability and quick load times, notifications quickly overlooked functionality are acceptable.

The Design of the Kwick not been since 1999, something in the years, particularly exciting, the packaging of the Community. Whom it arrives, but more on the content, can enjoy the high availability of the Website. It’s rarely a total failure, which can be fixed quickly .

Something disturbing is the advertising that is displayed on profiles, on the home page or in the Forum. Kwick is financed exclusively by advertising, therefore, is asked in the application to disable the Add-Blockers. Although the flashing nerve endings overlays occasionally, for Kwick, however, has no commercials, the slide over the entire page and the Portal in the short term, unusable make.

For those who are familiar with Kwick already, is likely to have with the use of no more problems. The functionality is top, everything works, if you know it. At the beginning of the individual functions, however, are confusing, a clear minus point goes to this point, to the Forum. There is a marketplace that allows you to search friends, sports partners, Pets, and more. All the contributions are written in a large collective contribution, so that almost no Chance exists that a Posting is read at all. This could be solved much better by the individual contributions are available .

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