Dating In Belarus: The Main Benefits – Dating & Relationships

Belarus isn’t as popular as Ukraine and Russia when it comes to tourism. But that doesn’t stop its cities’ nightlife from being lively and full of adventure. And despite it not being the richest country in the world, that doesn’t stop its people from living life to the fullest – especially its women. The average cost of mail order brides is around $800 per month.

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During the recent protests, the UN’s Committee on the Equality of Wives is implementing a new project in the country. Firstly, there will be no need to search the web for 2 hours, reading about the unknown cafes and restaurants and desperately trying to figure out if they are ok.

It is a landlocked country in Eastern Europe, and of distinct ethnicity but diverse people. Belarus has Russia in the northeast, Ukraine to its southern border, Poland to the west, and Lithuania and Latvia in the North West. With these countries surrounding Belarus, the struggle for an independent identity has been complicated with their neighbors’ strong influences. One big reason so many Western men decide to look for Belarusian women to date and marry is they know that they will be in good hands.

Girls From Belarus Are Sweet

Dating In Belarus: The Main Benefits – Dating & Relationships

This way their skin retains its natural softness and impeccable allure throughout many years. They respect honesty and the ability to cater for the family.

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  • These kinds of women have no desire whatsoever to “wear the pants” in the relationship.
  • Properly treating your partner includes understanding their sentiments, ideas, and beliefs.
  • That and the fact they’re unusually tall – the average woman here is at least 5-feet 5-inches in height, and they’re the shorties.

When dating a Belarusian girl, you should understand that they are patient beings that love to take things easy with one step at a time, so don’t be too quick to make moves. Belarusian girls are some of the most intelligent women in the eastern part of Europe.

All of this while nagging the husband for his drinking habits, his friends, his dressing style. And all girls talk similarly, very few of them engage to the fact that WHO I AM, rather than my JOB and my PURPOSE with them. And they constantly talk shit about Belarus and Belarus guys. Around this time she said her friend needs a place to stay, I let her in.

The site is not free; you will have to pay a fee to access all the features. With the cost starting at $16.50 per month, if you are serious, you will get the person that you are looking for from Belarus, Russia and Ukraine fast enough. This is actually very typical in Belarusian society. Our society expects soo much from a man, that it breaks him completely. Your average Belarusian man would rather drink beer with friends dressed like a thug than spend his time with the wife and/or kids. Also, it’s the wife who runs the Belarusian family. She’ll order the husband around, choose the furniture, the kindergarten and school for kids and so on and so on.

Do Belarus Women Make Good Wives?

They can give them both a good upbringing and a sea of love. The children are brought up in strictness and respect to the older generation. However, being naturally cheerful and buoyant, Belarusian women teach their children to love life and enjoy every moment of it.

Belarusian brides are very communicative and expansive. Express your thoughts, feelings and interest in your lady. To spice up your conversations, you may ask numerous questions about her traditions, job, preferences and dreams. This easily gets Belarusian brides attracted to you.

Dating In Belarus: The Main Benefits – Dating & Relationships

Disadvantages Of Dating Girls From Belarus

Their facial features are subtle and the looks they have are gentle and feminine. Bodies of Belarusian brides are usually slim and well-shaped; however, you can find curvy and full-figured women here too. Their heights are different, but they are usually of average height. The way you approach women at night time is essential. When they are approachable and flirting back during daytime, there’s no reason they won’t go wild during the nighttime.

Belarus Women Prefer Natural Beauty Over Fake Sexuality

Are you looking for a woman who knows how to make her home the most peaceful place all over the world? If yes, Belarusian wives pull out all the stops when it comes to their husbands especially after a hectic day at work. Men, in turn, encourage such an attitude very much. Positive and friendly, they are polar opposites of German or North American women. Starting a conversation with a Belarusian woman is as easy as saying “Hello! ” and being interesting…not always a guaranteed success but it is worth a try.